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One Day

One day ill snap and every one will be shocked. Becuse a shy girl to strangers. Will snap and not care any more. She will have to be taken away in a straight jacket. One day ill speek my real mind and nothinng will get me back.








So for example, my name is KK Benjamin. My land would be “Land of Rubies and Rage”. What’s yours? 

"The Land Of Lies and RainBows"

Land of Frogs and Disaster

Land of Frogs and Orbs 

Land of Whispers and Beauty

Land Of Space and Mysteries

Glass Steel?
okay i need to explain a thing here.

Land of lies and rage …

Dear Andrew Dennis Biersack

I just want to express some thing. WHT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOURE LEFT EYEBROW . Not that there is any thing wrong with it. I mean in any picture i have on my phone andon the inter net. It is always arked i mean my and most of my friends say ” dat eyebrow doe” or ” EYEBROW” . BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS ARKED AND I SAT THERE AND ZOOMED IN ON A PICTURE AND FLIPED UPSIDE DOWN AND SHOWED IT TO SOME ONE AND THEY SAID IT WAS NIKE. UGHHHHHHHHHHH

My 2:30 rant is over

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